Founders Harvest Ale


Kamal (@redstoneliquors) put a couple of these aside for me and whoa,
am I glad he did! At 6.5 abv and 70, this one is right up my alley.
Get some if you can.


Southern Tier “Pumking”

This (like the rest of the “CBS” posse) was our after-Thanksgiving-dinner beer. I love this beer. I’m generally not a fan of overly spiced beer but the ST ‘King is in a league of it’s own. It’s sweet, for sure, but the smell alone is worth picking up a bottle. The thing that separates Pumking from the rest of the fall spiced, and other ST beers for that matter, is that the aroma and flavor in the Pumking don’t taste like they were afterthoughts in syrup form. Enough typing on the iPhone. Pick up this beer. (I believe Colonial Spirits in Acton, MA has some – but it might only be keg form)


Yuengling “Lager”

I had this at work yesterday. I know I make fun of it’s popularity sometimes and for that I’m sorry… It should be all the time. With in-laws from Philly (transplanted in Nashua, NH in 2010) there has always been a Yuengling v. Sam Adams debate. Every time I drink this beer, though, I’m reminded of how few redeeming qualities it has. Like the 2009-2010 Philadelphia Flyers, there’s some blind luck on Philly’s side. The overwhelming metallic taste, lack of body, boring mass-produced flavor is too much for me. For a similar flavor, I’d rather drink Coors Light. For the oldest beer, I’ll stick to Billy Beer. (And if there is any debate on Yuengling v. Sam Adams, just take a look at the BeerAdvocate ratings.)


Trapp Lager

Brewed at the Von Trapp estate in VT. It’s a fairly light but smooth lager with a finish I’d describe as ‘doughy’ (almost like the taste at the back of your pallette when you eat a piece of uncooked Pillsbury crescent roll dough).

The Farmhouse Taproom & Outdoor Biergarten in Burlington, VT has a fantastic selection & knowledgable staff. Make it a priority if you’re up here.