Bell’s Oberon


After trying Hopslam and Two Hearted Ale, I've become a huge fan of Bell's Brewery. Unfortunately, they don't distribute to MA so it's a bit of a fine art trying to get a bottle (or mini keg) into the state. Imagine my surprise when I perused the beer case at a package store in FL (on vacation) and saw a six pack of Bell's Oberon sitting there, waiting for me. 

It's a wheat ale brewed with Bell's signature ale yeast. It pours with a nice head that dissipates relatively quickly. It smells fruity with a hint of honey. The first sip is sweet, with honey and pear coming through. This is a really enjoyable, light ale that I could drink all summer long. There's a bit of hops, but not much. The finish is very fruity. Mild carbonation that suggests this could be a distant cousin of a hard cider. At 5.8% ABV, this one could sneak up on you given how drinkable it is. 

Vital Stats: Served at 45F from a 12oz bottle in a plastic Tervis Tumbler with a chili pepper on it. When in FL… 
Taste: B+
Drinkability: B+

2 thoughts on “Bell’s Oberon

  1. Had some fresh Oberon yesterday that a friend brought back from Michigan, such a good summer beer.

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