Visiting Pandora from @IdleHandsBeer


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I really want to love beers brewed locally. Some work, while others fall flat. After reading a great article in edibleBoston about two new breweries in Everett, I knew I had to give them a try. First up for me is Pandora, a Belgian-inspired ale from Idle Hands Craft Beer

Pandora is packaged in a 750ml bottle with cork and cage. I love both their logo and story (read the article linked up above). As a former homebrewer I love to see people follow their dream into commercial brewing. 


Pandora pours a hazy orange with a light, bubbly head. It has the trademark Belgian smell, with lemons and bread coming through. It’s not overpowering, but it’s there and pleasant. 


The first taste is delicious. Just enough complexity to make it interesting, but nothing outside of the style. A very refreshing beer, with citrus and green apple early and a hint of black pepper on the finish. I really like this beer. It’s nicely balanced throughout and opens up a little as it warms. This would be great on a hot afternoon.

If you’re in the Boston area, I encourage you to find this beer. It works and is worth your attention. I look forward to trying their other brews (and stopping in to see the brewery) sometime soon! 

Vitals: Served in a tulip glass at 45F. 6% ABV. 

Taste: A-. Very smooth. Loved it. 

Drinkability: A-. Easy to have more than one.. and enjoy every minute. Light and delicious. 

Packaging: B+. Just enought info (date bottled, ABV, little story) to get the nod. 

Value: B. Any time you buy a 750ml it’s going to be pricey. But this one is worth the extra $$. 



Magnifico is another good one from @PrettyBeer


I picked up a couple bottles of Magnifico the other day and was looking forward to giving them a try. They’re from the folks at Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, which already have my respect for putting out great beers up and down the spectrum. Add to that the fact that Magnifico rings in at 3.4% ABV and you have my attention. A session beer from a true craft brewer?!? Bring it! 

This beer pours a light orange and smells fresh, but not overpowering. It has enough depth of flavor and packs a nice bite to keep it interesting. It’s insanely drinkable. 

Sure, it’s not a replacement for a big double IPA or a bready belgian, but it has its place on a hot summer day. If this becomes part of the regular summer line-up, I might just make it my go to lawnmower beer. I’m giving this beer jazz hands!!! 

Vital Stats: Served at 40F in a tulip glass (might have been better in a red solo cup). 3.4% ABV. 

Taste: B+. Clean and crisp. Just what you’d want from a beer like this. 

Drinkability: A. Get this on tap in every bar in Boston. 

Packaging: A-. Fun, cheeky and informative. What more could you want?